Undergraduate Students

cchan84_150 Cassandra Chan
Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
E-mail: cnchan84@bu.edu
Office Phone: 617.358.0790
Cassandra is interested in the neural mechanisms behind speech and language. She is planning on obtaining a masters degree in Speech, Language and Hearing sciences and hopes to work in a clinical setting. Outside of research, she loves yoga and pilates, enjoys trying different kinds of food and has a passion for music as well as photography.
Kristina-Furbeck_150px Kristina Furbeck
Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
E-mail: kfurbeck@bu.edu
Office Phone: 617.358.0790
Kristina is interested in how we recognize people by the sound of their voice.
Lauren Gustainis
Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences
Kilachand Honors College keystone project: Episodic mnemonic processes in perceptual adaptation to speech
E-mail: laureng3@bu.edu
Office Phone: 617.358.0790
Lauren is interested in the neural mechanisms behind speech and language development. In the future, she plans to work clinically as a Speech-Language Pathologist.  She loves discovering new places to eat in Boston, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends.
Tyrone Tyrone Hou *
Computer Science
E-mail: tyroneh@bu.edu
Office Phone: 617.358.0790
Tyrone is interested in research involving the neural mechanisms behind speech and their integration into computer interfaces. In the future he hopes to pursue a career in both the brain and artificial intelligence. In his free time he likes to read, program, and jam out on the saxophone.
Michelle-Joan-Njoroge_cropped Michelle Njoroge
E-mail: mnjoroge@bu.edu
Office Phone: 617.358.0790
Michelle is interested in the neural basis of speech perception, speech production, and phonetic processing in second language learners. In the future she hopes to enroll in a MS/PhD program in Speech-Language Pathology. She loves cooking, going to concerts, and of course, exploring the city of Boston with friends.
Allen-Qu-150px Allen Qu
Electrical Engineering
E-mail: aqu1@bu.edu
Office Phone: 617.358.0790
Allen is interested in the neural plasticity for second language learning and neural signals analysis.

Undergraduate research support provided by:
* Student Research Award(s) from the BU Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program