Prospective BU Graduate Students

The Communication Neuroscience Research Laboratory is seeking outstanding scholars to join the research our team as PhD students. Dr. Perrachione can mentor students in the Boston University PhD programs in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and the Graduate Program in Neuroscience (including the Computational Neuroscience specialization).

Prospective Ph.D. Students in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Dr. Perrachione and the Communication Neuroscience Research Lab are seeking prospective doctoral students to join our research team. The graduate program in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences at BU offers students the opportunity to develop strong scientific research skills in topics related to normative and disordered human communication. Students with backgrounds in neuroscience, speech and hearing sciences, linguistics, psychology, cognitive science, biomedical engineering, or computer science are often candidates for this program. Prospective students are expected to have strong scientific and quantitative skills, and a demonstrated interest in expanding and refining these skills.

Prospective doctoral students for the Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences program at Sargent College should contact Dr. Perrachione with a copy of their CV, unofficial transcript (or summary of university coursework), and brief statement of research interests. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Perrachione prior to, or at least concurrently with, applying to the SLHS program.

Prospective M.S. Students in Speech-Language Pathology

Students in the professional MS-SLP program at Sargent College frequently work in our laboratory. Students can work on research projects culminating in a Master’s Thesis. Students can also volunteer to assist with ongoing research projects to gain more hands-on experience working with children and adults with developmental language disorders.  Prospective MS students interested in our research should follow the standard procedures for applying to the MS-SLP program. Prospective thesis students and volunteers can contact the laboratory about their interests after they matriculate into the program.