Current BU MS-SLP Students

Students in the MS-SLP program at BU may opt to do a Master’s Thesis.  Shortly after you arrive on campus in September, there will be a program meeting to introduce the Master’s Thesis option. If the ongoing projects in the Communication Neuroscience Research Lab interest you, arrange a time to meet with Dr. Perrachione and discuss options for conducting thesis research in the lab.

Deciding on your thesis topic

Typically, students will be able to choose from a number of nascent projects on the lab’s agenda. After discussing the background of the scientific question and the specific research objectives of these projects with the PI, the prospective MS thesis student will select the project that interests them most. In some cases, students may work with the PI to design a new project based on a question that is of particular interest to them.

Students will then become responsible for this project, including designing and obtaining the stimuli, preparing the stimulus delivery procedure, managing the recruitment of participants and collection of data, and conducting data analysis with the guidance of the PI and other senior laboratory members. Thesis projects are always intended to result in work of publishable quality.

Thesis timeline

The timeline of thesis research always depends somewhat on the nature of the project, but typically progresses along a schedule like the following:

  • Year 1, Fall:
    • Determine research question and specific outcome measures
    • Design and obtain stimuli
    • Prepare stimulus delivery procedure
    • Collect pilot data to verify procedure
  • Year 1, Spring:
    • Finalize procedure
    • Begin primary data-collection effort
  • Year 2, Summer:
    • Continue data collection
    • Begin data analysis
  • Year 2, Fall:
    • Finalize any remaining data collection needs
    • Complete data analysis
    • Begin writing thesis
  • Year 2, Spring:
    • Complete writing thesis
    • Thesis defense

Completed Theses

Prospective thesis students may be interested in consulting with current and former CNRLab thesis students about their experiences when deciding if the thesis option is the right choice for them.