There are a number of ways for students and scientists at different stages of their careers to join our lab. If you’re interested in our research, see which of the categories below apply to you, and follow the corresponding links at left for more information.

CNRLab Spring 2015

Research Staff

There are no other open staff positions at this time. If you would like to be notified whenever other research staff job announcements are posted, please send your CV and brief statement of research interests to

Postdoctoral Researchers

Positions may be available for postdoctoral researchers with exceptional scientific backgrounds and compatible research interests. Interested scientists are encouraged to contact Dr. Perrachione directly to discuss opportunities. Postrodcotral training is also available through the Advanced
Postdoctoral Research Training in Communication Sciences and Disorders T32 at Boston University. More information is available in the Program Announcement.

Prospective PhD students

The Communication Neuroscience Research Laboratory is seeking outstanding scholars to join our research team as PhD students. Dr. Perrachione can mentor students in the Boston University PhD programs in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and the Graduate Program in Neuroscience (including the Computational Neuroscience specialization). Students interested in these programs should read our page for prospective graduate students for more information.

Current PhD students at BU

Graduate students in PhD programs at Boston University are welcome to do a research laboratory rotation in the CNRLab. If you are currently a BU graduate student whose research interests coincide with our projects, please contact Dr. Perrachione to discuss the availability of a rotation position.

Current BU MS-SLP students

Students in their first year of the MS-SLP program at BU may opt to do a Master’s thesis. The CNRLab can often support these clinical students in their research aspirations. See our page for current MS-SLP students for more information about conducting your master’s thesis research project in the CNRLab.

Current BU undergraduates

IMG_3380_200pxThe laboratory often has positions for Boston University undergraduate students during the academic year and summer. There are lots of ways that current BU undergraduates can get involved in research in our lab:

  • As a volunteer or for academic credit through the BU Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).
  • Some students may qualify for a UROP stipend or a paid research assistantship in the laboratory, either during the academic year or summer.
  • Current Sargent College undergraduates are eligible to conduct research in our laboratory contributing to a Senior Thesis with Distinction.
  • Current BU undergraduates majoring in neuroscience are eligible to conduct a senior honor’s thesis or HHMI summer research experience in our lab. Visit this page for more information about research opportunities for neuroscience majors.
  • Visit our page for current BU undergraduates for more information about undergraduate research opportunities in the CNRLab.