Kate Sherrill, PhD

Kate Sherrill, M.A.

Kate is a postdoctoral fellow in the Preston Lab at UT Austin. Her interests are in utilizing a virtual navigation paradigm to better understand human memory function during navigation in a spatial environment.

Kate’s research interests involve using fMRI to test the mechanisms for encoding and retrieval of spatiotemporal trajectories through an environment from varying visual perspectives as well as associations encoded between sensory stimuli and specific spatial locations.


Sherrill KR, Chrastil ER, Ross RS, Erdem UM, Hasselmo ME, & Stern CE (2015) Functional connections between optic flow areas and navigationally responsive brain regions during goal-directed navigation. NeruoImage 118:386-396.

Sherrill KR, Erdem UM, Ross RS, Brown TI, Hasselmo ME, & Stern CE (2013) Hippocampus and retrosplenial cortex combine path integration signals for successful navigation. J Neurosci 33(49):19304-13.

Ross RS, Sherrill KR, & Stern CE (2011) The hippocampus is functionally connected to the striatum and orbitofrontal cortex during context dependent decision making, Brain Research.

Manuscripts In Preparation

Ross, RS, Sherrill, KR, Stern, CE. Prospective and retrospective retrieval of sequential associations of varying distance.