Will Augmented Reality Lead the Next Communication Revolution?

By Senhao LiSeptember 14th, 2018in Blog

Back to 1901, L. Frank Baum, author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, came up with the idea of “Character Marker” consisting of a pair of spectacles to mark people’s characters on their forehead in his novel The Master Key, which was regarded as the very first vision of Augmented... More

The Make happen agents: Telephone and Facebook

By Han BaoSeptember 14th, 2018in Blog

Telephone shaped people’s communication systems during wars and their everyday lives. Five decades later, another influential medium was born. As a modern counterpart to the telephone, Facebook changed the way businesses advertised, reshaped people’s news consumption habits, and influenced how people communicated with their families and friends. The well-known Canadian... More

Does online-streaming extinct what we used to treasure?

By Anran TangSeptember 14th, 2018in Blog

Growing up, millennials were usually proud to say that we were the generation witnessed the birth of internet. Not so long ago during our early teenage years, I recall me and my family cuddled in the sofa in our living room, waiting for time ticking to our favorite show playing... More

From Evolution to Revolution: Camera as New Vision

By Xinyi TanSeptember 14th, 2018in Blog

In early process, humans eyes evolved from mere sensors, called "eyespots", on unicellular organisms (Land & Fernald, 1992). Eyespots could only sense the brightness at the beginning, and after years of evolution the “sensor” upgraded to distinguish the shape, the color, and then the shades and all the details of... More