We’re Still Talking About 2016 Online Trolling

By Hannah Rose GardnerFebruary 19th, 2018in News

We are still hearing about Russian involvement in the 2016 election cycle... It's February of 2018. The investigation into the bots, trolls, and alleged involvement of Russian operatives in US election cycle manipulation has just come to it's (first) conclusion indicting Russian nationals. A long discussed and disputed investigation into what... More

Social Media Black Market

By Hannah Rose GardnerFebruary 1st, 2018in Blog, News

Obtaining a critical mass of followers on social media is how one influences thought, generates income, and mobilizes action. Generating mass followers is the goal of business, policy leaders, social entrepreneurs and, unfortunately, subversive actors. The New York times article The Follower Factory, published on line on January, 27th 2018, described... More

Social TV and Cultural Unification and Adaptation

By Valerie SerranoDecember 22nd, 2017in Events, News

      When it comes to streaming-shows through on-demand media platforms such as Netflix and watching live broadcast TV, content and culture matter since the type of content that a platform/medium provides and how it provides it, ultimately affects culture. New trends in viewing media content have emerged among... More

Smart Watch Survival

By Hannah Rose GardnerDecember 22nd, 2017in Events, News

Wearable technology is a thing of the future, and the future is here. The first Bluetooth device was sold in 2000 and from there, wearable technology took off.  The Go Pro broke out in 2004, Google Glass took off in 2013, and over the next few years we will see... More