Social Media and Political Engagement

By Fan WangNovember 11th, 2018in Blog

As media started to contain the political content, media also began to continually change the modalities of human communication in the political arena. An amount of researchers has been working on this theme for decades. Especially concerning social media, with the pervasive use of multiple technological tools, social media has changed... More

Media Hybridity, Binge-Watching, and Politics

By Adela CejnarovaNovember 7th, 2018in Blog

The media composition has been continuously changing for decades with new technology emerging and incorporating itself into the previous media landscape. Currently, we are at an age where, more than ever, technology allows regular people to take part in the creation of media coverage, and exchange information rather than only... More

Social Infomediation and Network Structures: Who Are Playing the Game?

By Yuxi WangOctober 31st, 2018in Blog

When Smyrnaios (2018) mentions the term “infomediation”, he is emphasizing that, through controlling the Internet, oligopoly controls the source of knowledge and money. What’s more, oligopoly’s vertical integration of information production also enables these Internet giants to dominant direct contact with users (Smyrnaios, 2018). That’s why businesses and media publishers... More

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