Future Conferences


Face-Off: Facial Recognition Technologies and Humanity in an Era of Big Data

As facial recognition technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, and the presence of such devices proves ubiquitous in both public and private spheres, it is critical for researchers to examine the potential effects on both individuals and society as a whole. To this end, the Division of Emerging Media Studies of Boston University’s College of Communication is holding an international symposium to bring together diverse perspectives from social scientists, philosophers, policy-makers, and computer scientists to explore the social, behavioral, and psychological dimensions of this new technological terrain. This unique collection of voices intends to illuminate the various and often competing dimensions of a challenging, complex area of research. Ultimately, it hopes to trace out the implications for society, and the choices that we must collectively and individually make.

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Making Social Media Matter, 3 day Workshop

Making Social Media Matter is a hands-on, three-day workshop that equips attendees with skills to quickly collect, analyze, visualize, and interpret data from popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blogs. After our three-day intensive, you’ll walk away with a hands-on understanding of these critical skills:

  • Quantitative & qualitative social listening to understand how customers really feel about your brand, industry or research topic
  • Finding, sorting & analyzing the big data of social media for more constructive research & smarter business decisions
  • How to get c-suite or department buy in necessary for social media exploration & investment
  • Creating a data-driven feedback loop for ongoing optimization
  • Earn a certificate in Social Media Analysis: Principles and Practices for Big Data from BU
  • BONUS: *Free* access to exclusive social analysis tools for two weeks post-event

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