Author: Tong Wu

Weibo and Public Political Participation

Weibo is microblogging sites in China, which have similar functions align to Twitter. As what was summarized in the study about the roles of mobile and social participation which was generated by Chan, Chen, and Lee in 2017, Weibo is one of the most popular social media platforms contains more political relevance in China. In […]

What are the invisible hands behind the construction of network structure?

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are no longer new things for the general public. Although some may have little experience of using social media platforms through computer or mobile devices, people who have ever contain a bit knowledge about internet usage will surely heard the names of social media from acquaintances or news. […]

Network Size on Social Media: the “Scattered Daggers” and “Outstretched Hands”

Social media was immersed in a strong global “storm” in October, 2017. Alyssa Milano, an American actress, who firstly appealed for spreading the hashtag of “MeToo” on Twitter, led to a sensational movement that encouraged sexual harassment victims to bravely speak up their experiences to renew attention to the issue of sexual harassment in the […]