Author: Fan Wang

Mobile social media and political participation

As Andrew Chadwick said in The Hybrid Media System, political communication is now shaped by what is best described as a hybrid media system. As the hybrid media system consists of different types of emerging and traditional media, focusing on one particular type of media may be a great choice to make more in-depth studies. […]

Social Media and Political Engagement

As media started to contain the political content, media also began to continually change the modalities of human communication in the political arena. An amount of researchers has been working on this theme for decades. Especially concerning social media, with the pervasive use of multiple technological tools, social media has changed much, as well as […]

Individuals Can Shape Network Types

Smith, Rainie, Shneiderman, and Himelboim have summarized six types of Twitter topic networks. With these ways of mapping networks, researchers can make a better understanding of the variety of ways individuals form groups and organize online (Himelboim et al, 2014). Notably, researchers can discuss the key people, groups, and topics. When mapping Twitter topic networks, […]