Author: Anran Tang

The Power of “Fake” in Today’s Social Media Environment

As social media has become an important role in our daily life, numbers of traditional industries have been affected and have been brought to a new stage. “Since the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become critical battlegrounds for political parties, interest groups, and politically involved social media users.” […]

Analysis of Network Types and the Sense of Empowerment

In the Networked: the new social operating system, Rainie and Wellman (2012), emphasized the importance of being connected online as the most powerful tool in the new adage nowadays. As social media provides us a platform for self-expression, we are able to generate the platform into our personalized space with those we connect with. Rainie […]

Does online-streaming extinct what we used to treasure?

Growing up, millennials were usually proud to say that we were the generation witnessed the birth of internet. Not so long ago during our early teenage years, I recall me and my family cuddled in the sofa in our living room, waiting for time ticking to our favorite show playing on the television; or every […]