Author: Senhao Li

Political Interaction with Revolution of Communication Technology

The development of the internet and SNSs (social networking sites) has greatly changed how the public discuss and participate political affairs. Before the invention of SNSs, people received political information through the mass communication channels, where politicians influenced the public and spread their political ideologies at the same time. It was a nonreciprocal way of […]

Social Network Analysis: Weak Tie versus Networked Individualism

The Trend of Social Network Analysis As the social network sites (SNSs) play an increasingly prominent role in our lives, more studies are conducted to examine the interactions between SNS users within the theoretical frame of network analysis of social science. Donath and boyd (2004) argued that SNSs could accumulate the weak ties one could […]

Will Augmented Reality Lead the Next Communication Revolution?

Back to 1901, L. Frank Baum, author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, came up with the idea of “Character Marker” consisting of a pair of spectacles to mark people’s characters on their forehead in his novel The Master Key, which was regarded as the very first vision of Augmented Reality. Almost 80 years after […]