Author: Ting Chen

Emerging Media Penetrated All Aspects of Our Life

How Emerging Media Penetrated All Aspects of Our Life Since the emergence of smartphones and various sorts of applications that cover almost every corner of our lives, the traditional way of lifestyle has completely been altered into a more modernized style with the help of new and advance technologies. Almost every activity we have before […]

Political Campaign, Polarized Political Views in a World of Hybrid Media

As people become more engaged and connected through emerging communication tools like the social media and online forums, political campaigns, including those of Politicians asking to win vote, political activists who wish to influence policy-making all have found ways to adapt to the new media system – a hybrid system of traditional mainstream media like […]

Social Network Analysis and Vertical Integration

  Ting Chen Since the founding in 2006, Twitter has become a popular social network platform for internet users to acquire information, follow news updates and share opinions with a certain amount of other Twitter users. Until today, as Nikos Smyrnaios (2018) noted, Twitter remains its independence as one of the only two vibrant global […]