Texifter is hiring new part-time coders (annotators) to join the


We have a new, very large scale annotation project underway. It involves
detecting the online signals of impending aggressive or violent behavior,
such as a school shooting, domestic violence, sexual assault, or other
problematic behaviors sometimes previewed in social media posts.

If you can work at least 10 hours a week and you are fluent in English
idioms common in the United States, we pay $15/hour and provide free access
to the DiscoverText software platform for your own research. The work
includes labeling (coding) data, writing memos, reviewing scholarly
literature, preparing an annotated bibliography, working in a group, and
sometimes writing collaborative essays, as in the case of our ongoing bot


We are particularly looking for graduate students and postdoc scholars with
a research or classwork focus on some element of criminology or criminal

Email info@texifter.com and send a CV if you want to join the CoderVerse
for this project:


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