Transforming Implementation and Improvement into Science

Are you interested in learning more about implementation and improvement sciences? Have you thought about writing an implementation and improvement sciences study proposal but are not sure where to start?

Join CIIS for a 7-part skills building series that will offer interactive workshop activities aimed at developing each component of a strong research proposal. Monthly sessions will focus on different proposal components while enhancing overall knowledge of implementation and improvement sciences. This series is provided as a free educational opportunity to members of the BU and BMC community. Lunch is always served!

The 7-part series kicks off October 25, 2017.

All sessions are held in the BUSM Instructional Building, room L214, from 12:00pm-1:00pm


Date Session Focus Learning Objectives
10/25/2017 (Wed) Identifying Your Implementation & Improvement Science Question
  • Discuss the goals of implementation science and improvement science, and be able to distinguish research questions in those fields from questions of quality improvement or other studies.
  • Distinguish between implementation science and implementation of an intervention, efficacy and effectiveness.
  • Identify quality and care gaps in current health systems delivery and challenges to increasing the use of evidence-based practices.
12/6/2017 (Wed) Using & Discussing Implementation Science Models
  • Gain introductory knowledge of implementation and improvement science specific theoretical/conceptual models.
  • Discuss the importance of linking study questions, process and outcome measures to a conceptual model.
  • Discuss the importance identifying how study findings can build upon existing theory and contribute to developing the field.
1/25/2018 (Thurs) Implementation Strategies Versus Study Interventions
  • Differentiate between implementation strategies and intervention components
  • Discuss how to link implementation strategies to study aims, setting, process and outcome measures
2/28/2018 (Wed) Designing an Implementation & Improvement Sciences Study
  • Identify key considerations for selecting the best study design for implementation and improvement sciences questions
  • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of different study designs
3/22/2018 (Thurs) Designing Your Implementation & Improvement Sciences Stud
  • Identify appropriate study designs for your implementation and improvement sciences question
  • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen study design
4/18/2018 (Wed) Measuring Implementation & Improvement Outcomes
  • ┬áDiscuss the importance of linking outcome measures to implementation strategies and study design
  • Describe and identify implementation and improvement outcomes versus efficacy outcomes
5/10/2018 (Thurs) Engaging with Stakeholders to Conduct Feasible & Meaningful Research
  • Discuss the role of stakeholders and multidisciplinary perspectives in designing and conducting implementation and improvement research
  • Discuss the importance of providing evidence of feasibility in proposal budgets and timelines and strategy design
  • Discuss intervention fidelity and adaption to context, scale-up and sustainability
  • Describe dissemination strategies that relate individual projects to the larger policy/funding environment


*All dates are subject to change. Please check back for updates, or email inquiries to Series announcements will be shared via email. Add your name to our Mailing List.