Archives for July 2016

Implementation Science Used to Decrease Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission

By Rhiannon Iorio July 18th, 2016

Implementation science is used in various contexts around the world. Recently, the NIH led an effort to reduce mother-to-child HIV transmission in Nigeria through implementation science efforts. Various approaches were studied with the goal to integrate research findings and evidence-based practices into health care services. Researchers and policymakers from both the United States and Africa were part of a Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) Implementation Science Alliance to examine how implementation science can enhance the quality of PMTCT interventions and efforts. Various interventions were implemented and then assessed for effectiveness. For example, the NIH collaborated with churches to invite pregnant women to “baby showers” where women were given HIV testing and gifts. This intervention proved to be more effective for screening and recruiting than invitation to clinics. Although implementation science has proven successful in various efforts, there are still remaining challenges, such as linking HIV-positive infants to early treatment and increasing antiretroviral adherence. To read more about this implementation effort, click here.


CIIS Attends 2016 Annual Research Meeting for Academy Health

By Rhiannon Iorio July 8th, 2016

This year’s three-day Academy Health Conference was an opportunity for health services researchers to connect and learn new skills and concepts. Various lectures focused on methods that can be applied in studying the implementation of interventions (e.g., social network analysis). Other presentations described how to evaluate and improve interventions and which implementation strategies to use to adopt best practices. The variety of lectures provided a holistic approach to implementation in healthcare, with a large focus on reducing readmissionand patient centered outcomes. There was also a focus on the different methods used for dissemination and implementation research. For access to the conference agenda and presentations, please click here.