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The effectiveness of evidence summaries on health policymakers and health system managers use of evidence from systematic reviews: a systematic review

By Tammy Lo February 15th, 2017

Systematic reviews are important for decision makers. They offer many potential benefits but are often written in technical language, are too long, and do not contain contextual details which make them hard to use for decision-making. There are many organizations that develop and disseminate derivative products, such as evidence summaries, from systematic reviews for different populations or subsets of decision makers. This systematic review aimed to (1) assess the effectiveness of evidence summaries on policymakers’ use of the evidence and (2) identify the most effective summary components for increasing policymakers’ use of the evidence. We present an overview of the available evidence on systematic review derivative products.

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Dean’s Note on Implementation

By Tammy Lo February 12th, 2017

Since 2000, a number of studies have estimated the average time between research and implementation of action based on this research to be a period of about 17 years. On top of this nearly two-decade delay, the process of implementation is further complicated by the observation that many innovations never reach the point of continuous, widespread use at all. For example, in the area of infectious disease, the sometimes inconsistent performance of the directly observed treatment, short course (DOTS) strategy in fighting tuberculosis in Africa represents a case where an approach proves resistant to widespread implementation.

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