Implementation in Progress Lunchtime Series

Please check our upcoming events for the most up to date information on our Implementation in Progress Lunchtime Series.

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  • Implementation in Progress-6/20/17
    • Details: Curing chronic hepatitis C infection is possible with advances in treatment, but many patients miss appointments and are therefore unable to initiate treatment. This presentation will describe the implementation of a financial incentive program to improve appointment attendance in the Adult Primary Care Hepatitis C Treatment Program at Boston Medical Center. Meeting will be led by Dr. Kristen Lee
  • Implementation in Progress-5/17/17
    • Details: Despite the existence of empirically-supported treatments for most common mental disorders, there is little evidence that these interventions are regularly employed in routine practice. This presentation will summarize barriers to widespread implementation of evidence-based mental health care and describe how transdiagnostic interventions are uniquely poised to address these barriers. Specifically, the application of the Unified Protocol for the Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders at a safety net non-profit serving Boston’s homeless population (Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program) will be discussed. Meeting will be led by  Dr. Shannon Sauer-Zavala.
  • Implementation in Progress – 4/18/17
    • Details: The Gabby Health Information Technology system represents a prototype for the future of health care delivery in that it aligns the current technology and augments the care provided by community-based health providers, for whom limited time and resources act as restraining factors. This project will disseminate a low-cost, user-friendly, evidence-based, scalable intervention that is culturally adaptive and can be used across a range of health care and community settings to improve the health of young Black and African American women. This project represents the first step in the nationwide dissemination of the Gabby system—and will play an integral role in efforts to reduce health disparities in birth outcomes. Meeting will be led by Dr. Brian Jack and Clevanne Julce.
  • Implementation in Progress – 3/21/17
    • Details: This meeting was focused on an Inpatient Tobacco Consult service and new smoking Cessation Best Practices Alert (BPA)+order set to help hospitalized patients quit smoking. The goal of the inpatient intervention is to increase the number of hospitalized smokers who receive effective and timely stop smoking advice, counseling, and medications at the bedside and discharge, improve compliance with reporting programs and improve patient quit rates. Dr. Hasmeena Kathuria discusses the progress to date in addressing outcomes related to implementation of the inpatient program using the RE-AIM framework.
  • Implementation in Progress – 2/21/17
    • Details: Meeting was led by Dr. Mari-Lynn Drainoni and Dr. Mike Silverstein and was focused on on identifying different study design options for implementation research studies. 
  • Implementation in Progress – 1/17/17
    • Details: January’s Implementation in Progress Meeting was focused on exciting new opportunities to apply regression discontinuity design to ongoing quality improvement initiatives such as readmission reduction efforts. Meeting was led by Dr. Alexandra Yurkovic and Dr. Nicholas Cordella.
  • Implementation in Progress – 11/29/16
    • Details: Dr. Lisa Quintiliani led this presentation on Community Health Workers as an Intervention Implementation Strategy in Health Promotion Research. Open to all BUMC Faculty and Staff. Lunch will be served. 
  • Implementation in Progress – 10/25/16
    • Details: Dr. Gemmae Fix, Research Assistant Professor, BU School of Public Health, Department of Health Law, Policy and Management and Research Scientist at VA’s Center for Healthcare Organization and Implementation Research,  provides an overview of qualitative methods and how to incorporate them into an implementation science study.
  • Implementation in Progress – 9/27/16
    • Details: This presentation was focused on the IRB and includes a case studies presented by Dr. John Ennever
  • Implementation in Progress – 7/11/16
    • Details: Dr. Hollis Day presents on the formative evaluation of the newly implemented Memory Disorder Clinic at Boston Medical Center. The clinic conducts neuropsychiatric testing, with a focus on English and non-English speakers.
  • Implementation  in Progress – 6/7/16
    • Details: This meeting was led by Dr. Allan Walkey and Dr. Mari-Lynn Drainoni, co-directors of the Center for Implementation and Improvement Sciences (CIIS). The meeting included a brief overview of CIIS, our resources, and discussion of opportunities for collaboration.




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