CIIS Affiliates

CIIS Affiliates are experts within the greater Boston University community providing a wide array of technical skills and content knowledge. If you are interested in receiving technical assistance or a brief consult with CIIS and our affiliates, please email with a summary of your request, including the type of skills or content area where you are seeking assistance.

Name Email Affiliation Expertise
William Baker Boston Medical Center, Boston University Department of Emergency Medicine ·   Emergency department operations

·   Science of quality improvement

Barbara Bokhour Associate Professor, BUSPH, Health Law Policy and Management ·   Qualitative research·   Implementation of evidence-based practice

·   Implementation science

Jacob Bor Assistant Professor, BUSPH, Global Health ·   Econometrics·   Quasi-experimental methods

·   Statistical analysis

Belinda Borrelli Professor, BUGSDM;
Director, Behavioral Science Research; PI and Lead Co-Director, BU Mobile and Electronic Health-ARC
·   Mobile and electronic health

·   Smoking cessation

·   Biomarker feedback

·   Motivational interviewing

·   Medication/treatment adherence

·   Oral health

·   Dietary behaviors

·   Treatment fidelity

·   Health behavior theory

Sarabeth Broder-Fingert Assistant Professor, BUSM, Pediatrics, General Pediatrics ·   Health Services Research

·   Autism

·   Patient Navigation

Lisa Caruso Assistant Professor, BUSM, Department of Medicine ·   Quality improvement

·   Evidence based medicine

Rani Elwy Associate  Professor, BUSPH, Health Law, Policy and Management ·   Implementation science

·   Conceptual frameworks

·   Implementation strategies

·   Mixed methods

·   Treatment seeking

·   Doctor-patient communication

·   Complementary and integrative health

James Feldman Professor, BUSM, Emergency Medicine ·   Research in emergency medicine
Gemmae Fix Research Assistant Professor, BUSPH, Health Law, Policy and Management ·   Ethnographic and qualitative study design

·   Patient-centered care practices

·   Patient and provider behaviors

·   Chronic illness

·   Comorbidities

·   HIV/AIDs

·   Cardiovascular disease

Arvin Garg Associate Professor, BUSM, General Pediatrics ·   Child health services

·   Community health centers

·   Patient-centered care

Rebecca Grochow Mishuris  Assistant Professor, BUSM, General Internal Medicine ·   Health IT

·   Clinical decision support

·   Electronic health records

·   Patient portals

·   Population health management

·   Quantitative and qualitative research

Brian Jack Professor, BUSM, Family Medicine ·   Transitions in care

·   Preconception care

·   Global primary care

Hasmeena Kathuria Assistant Professor, BUSM, Pulmonary, Allergy, Sleep and Critical Care Medicine ·   Qualitative analysis·   Practical aspects of implementing large programs

·   Building collaborative networks

Bindu Kalesan Assistant Professor, BUSM, Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology ·   Biostatistics support
Karen Lasser Associate Professor, BUSM, General Internal Medicine & BUSPH, Community Health Sciences ·   Systems interventions to improve quality of care in primary care for underserved patient populations
Trish Kavanagh Assistant Professor, BUSM, Pediatrics ·  Health services research

·  Quality indicators

·  Quality of care·         Sickle cell disease

Nancy Kressin Professor, BUSM, general Internal Medicine ·  Racial and ethnic disparities

·  Health services and clinical research

Amy Linsky Assistant Professor, BUSM, General Internal Medicine ·   Medication safety·   Deprescribing

·   Mixed methods

David McAneny Professor, BUSM, Surgery ·
Nancy Miller Associate Professor, BUSM, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Medical Director, BMC Clinical Microbiology Laboratory ·   In-vitro diagnostics for infectious diseases

·   Outcome studies and process improvement in lab medicine

·   Antimicrobial susceptibility testing·   Microbiology laboratory automation

·   Laboratory information systems application improvements

James Moses Assistant Professor, BUSM, Pediatrics ·   Quality improvement

·   Patient safety

James Murphy Assistant Professor, BUSM, Pulmonary, Allergy, Sleep and Critical Care Medicine ·   Quality improvement

·   Patient safety

·   Process improvement

Lauren Nentwich Assistant Professor, BUSM, Emergency Medicine
Michael Paasche-Orlow Professor, BUSM, General Internal Medicine ·   Health literacy

·   Care transitions

·   Advance care planning

Lisa Quintiliani Assistant Professor, BUSM, General Internal Medicine ·   Nutrition

·   Physical activity

·   Weight management

·   Community-based research

·   Health disparities

·   eHealth/mHealth

Linda Rosen Clinical Data Warehouse Research Manager ·   BMC electronic medical record system

·   Clinical data warehouse research dataset creation and reporting

·   IRB regulations for research reporting

Pamela Rosenkranz Director of Clinical Quality and Patient Safety, Department of Surgery ·   Quality Improvement

·   Implementation strategies

·   Patient Centered Outcomes Research

·   Surgery focus

Shannon Sauer-Zavala Research Assistant Professor, Boston University Pscyhological and Brain Sciences ·   Single-case experimental design

·   Cognitive behavioral therapy

·   Suicide prevention

Chris Shanahan Assistant Professor, BUSM, General Internal Medicine ·   Clinical and research medical informatics and information technology

·   Substance use disorders and chronic pain

·   Community medicine (community-based care and collaboration with community-based organizations, clinicians, and patients)

Christopher Sheldrick BUSPH, Health Policy, Law and Management ·  Implementation of screening programs

·  Decision sciences

·  System Dynamics Modeling

Michael Silverstein Associate Professor, BUSM, General Pediatrics ·   Family-based mental health

·   Maternal depression, traumatic stress, and addiction

Janice Weinberg Professor, BUSPH, Biostatistics ·   Statistical consulting

·   Clinical trials

·   Longitudinal data analysis

Renda Wiener Associate Professor, BUSM, Pulmonary, Allergy, Sleep and Critical Care Medicine; Center for Healthcare Organization & Implementation Research; ENRM VA Hospital, Bedford, MA ·   Mixed methods (quantitative / qualitative) studies

·   Survey research

·   Implementation science

Stephanie Shimada Research Assistant Professor, Dept of Health Law, Policy, and Management, BUSPH, Boston, MA

Assistant Professor, Division of Health Informatics and Implementation Science, Department of Quantitative Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA

  • Consumer Health Informatics
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Disparities
  • Implementation Science
  • Quality Measurement
  • Mixed Methods
Christine Gunn Research Assistant Professor

Boston University School of Medicine, General Internal Medicine, Women’s Health Unit

Boston University School of Public Health, Department of Health Law, Policy & Management

  • Qualitative Research
  • Decision-Making
  • Risk communication
  • Women’s Health
  • Cancer
  • Screening and prevention