Lydia Chevalier

Lydia Chevalier
Graduate Student Researcher
648 Beacon Street

Lydia Chevalier, M.A., is a doctoral student in the Child Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders at Boston University examining the use of shared decision making to enhance treatment of anxiety in children and adolescents. Specifically, she is interested in how to adapt decision aids so that they can be used for children and individuals with low health literacy and how these adapted decision aids can be effectively disseminated. She is also interested in how parenting groups can be used to improve treatment at specialized clinics and how parent-child interaction therapy can be used to treat separation anxiety.  Additionally, Lydia is currently working on projects that examine the underlying mechanisms of sleep-related problems in children with anxiety and the needs of transgender and gender nonconforming youth and their families.

Lydia spent the two years before beginning graduate school at the MGH Division of Postgraduate Education researching dissemination and implementation science.  Relevant projects included helping to design online training programs (on topics such as CBT and motivational interviewing), evaluating the efficacy of dissemination of clinical skills through different mediums, and helping to design online clinical simulations.  She has also worked on projects involving the evaluation and training of non-traditional members of the mental health care team (ex. caregivers and clergy).

Selected publications:

  • Gorrindo, T., Chevalier, L., Goldfarb, E., Hoeppner, B., Birnbaum, RJ. (2014). Autonomic Arousal and Learning in Web-Based Simulation: A Feasibility Study. The Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, 34(S1), S17-S22.
  • Chevalier, L., Goldfarb, E., Miller, J., Hoeppner, B., Gorrindo, T., Petersen, T., & Birnbaum, RJ. (2014). Gaps in Preparedness of Clergy and Healthcare Providers to Address Mental Health Needs of Returning Service Members. Journal of Religion and Health.
  • Gorrindo, T., Goldfarb, E., Chevalier, L., Hoeppner, B., Birnbaum, R., Meller, B., Alpert, J., Herman, J., & Weiss, A. (2013). Interprofessional Differences in Disposition Decisions: Results from a Standardized Web-Based Patient Assessment. Psychiatric Services, 64(8), 808-811.
  • Gorrindo, T., Goldfarb, E., Birnbaum, R., Chevalier, L., Meller, B., Alpert, J., Herman, J., & Weiss, A. (2013). Simulation-based Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation in Psychiatry: A Novel Tool for Performance Assessment. The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, 39(7), 319-323.