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As a community, we are in the midst of an incredibly stressful time, full of changes, uncertainty, and strong emotions. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, the clinicians of the CARD Child Program are please to share these resources for families.



In the best of times, parenting can be difficult, but parenting during a pandemic presents a whole new set of challenges. With this in mind, we’ve put together this webinar, Parenting During COVID-19: A Guide to Managing (Child) Anxiety, to provide parents and other caregivers tools to help support child emotional health and well-being during this period of coronavirus-related social distancing and beyond. Join us as we discuss strategies for reducing child (and parent!) anxiety.

We encourage you to view the webinar as a whole, but we recognize that time is at a premium for many, so we have divided the webinar into three stand alone segments. After a brief introduction provided by Rachel Merson, Child CARD’s Clinical Director, part one, led by Alex Keller, focuses on understanding emotions and engaging in values-based positive behaviors. Part two, led by Hillary Ditmars, focuses on responding to worry and developing more helpful, balanced thoughts. Part three, also led by Alex Keller, focuses on general tips for caregivers that are helpful for responding to child anxiety and distress in the moment. Audio files and a PDF copy of the presentation are also available if you want to listen on the go or refer back to any of the information later.

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Webinar Video and Link

Webinar Audio Only Files



PART ONE: Emotions and Values Based Behaviors


PART TWO: Managing Worries and Developing More Balanced Thoughts


PART THREE: Helpful Parenting Strategies


Webinar Slides

Parenting During COVID-19 Slides



Over the past few weeks there has been a tremendous amount of upheaval in all of our lives, and in many families, adolescents are feeling this most acutely. In addition to health and safety concerns related to the coronavirus specifically, many adolescents are struggling to engage in virtual schooling, maintain social connections, and manage changes in routine while adjusting to the loss of activities and experiences that are particularly meaningful during this developmental period, like participating sports and other extracurricular activities, spending time with friends, attending proms, going on long awaited for school trips, and in some cases even having a “real” middle school or high school graduation. As such, we’ve developed a three-session workshop specifically for adolescents (ages 12-17) to teach skills for coping with the range of uncomfortable emotions that the coronavirus may have triggered. The workshops will be delivered via Zoom and cover the following topics:

Session 1: All about emotions, their function, and how to be mindful of the present moment

Session 2: Dealing with worry, how to differentiate between realistic and hypothetical worries, skills for when worries are taking over

Session 3: Self-care and living in line with your values when you’re stuck at home and how to engage in fulfilling activities

The workshops will be offered at the following times:

Workshop A

  • Session 1 – Monday, April 27 at 5:30 pm*
  • Session 2 – Wednesday, April 29th at 2:30 pm
  • Session 3 – Friday, May 1st at 2:30 pm

* Please note that Monday’s workshop is at a different time

Workshop B

  • Session 1 – Monday, May 4th at 2 pm
  • Session 2 – Wednesday, May 6th at 2 pm
  • Session 3 – Friday, May 8th at 2 pm

Workshop C 

  • Session 1 – Monday, May 11th at 3 pm
  • Session 2 – Wednesday, May 13th at 3 pm
  • Session 3 – Friday, May 15th at 3 pm

Workshop D

  • Session 1 – Monday, May 18th at 3 pm
  • Session 2 – Wednesday, May 20th at 3 pm
  • Session 3 – Friday, May 22nd at 2 pm

For more information about the workshops and to register, interested families should contact Marcella Mazzenga at or (857) 302-0830. 

Download Flyer for Teen Workshop-Coping During COVID