PhD and MS Graduated from Cheng Group

# Name Year Graduated Major Current Position Contact
1 Li Li, PhD May 08 Analytical Chemistry Postdoc at UNC li7 [at]
2 Jiabin Zhu, MS Dec 08 Biomedical Engineering NA NA
3 Hongtao Chen, PhD May 09 Analytical Chemistry Research Scientist at UC Irvine hchenuci [at]
4 Yan Fu, PhD Dec 09 Biomedical Engineering Research fellow at NIH yan.fu [at]
5 Brandon Huff, PhD Dec 09 Analytical Chemistry MD PhD at IU School of Medicine tbhuff [at]
6 Edmond Lin, MS May 10 Biomedical Engineering Data scientist in pharmaceutical company in NY edmondlinnan [at]
7 Yunzhou Shi, PhD Dec 10 Biomedical Engineering Senior Manager, Samsung sophiashi2 [at]
8 Ling Tong, PhD Dec 10 Analytical Chemistry Research scientist at Stanford Medical School lingt [at]
9 Yookyung Jung, PhD Dec 10 Physics Research staff at Harvard Medical School Jung.yookyung [at]
10 Han-Wei Wang, PhD Aug 11 Biomedical Engineering LI-COR Biosciences hanweiwang [at]
11 Jackie Tyler, MS Aug 13 Biomedical Engineering Genentech jytyler590 [at]
12 Shuhua Yue, PhD Dec 13 Biomedical Engineering Associate Professor, School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering (BSME), Beihang University yue_shuhua [at]
yue_shuhua [at]
Tel: +86-18511712310
13 Seung-Young Lee, PhD Aug 14 Biomedical Engineering Assistant Professor,University of Illinois at Chicago Lsy22100 [at]
14 Delong Zhang, PhD Aug 14 Analytical Chemistry Professor, Zhejiang University dlzhang [at]
15 Pu Wang, PhD Aug 14 Biomedical Engineering CEO,Vibronix Inc puwang101 [at]
16 Junjie Li, PhD Aug 15 Biology Scientist, Pfizer Inc.

junjiel168 [at]

17 Rui Li, PhD May 17 Biomedical Engineering Chief Engineer, Vibronix Inc. ruili [at]
18 Hui Jie, PhD Dec 17 Physics Postdoc, Wellman Center for Photomedicine jiehui [at]
19 Cheng-Shien Liao, PhD May 17 Biomedical Engineering Pendar Technologies
20 Hyeon Jeong Lee, PhD Dec 17 PULSe Associate Professor, Zhejiang University hyjglee [at]
21 Ayeeshik Kole, MD/PhD Dec 17 MD PhD

Continue to finish MD at IU school of medicine

akole [at]
22 Chen Jing, PhD May 18 PULSe Lathrop Gage LLP

achen [at]

23 Brittani Bungart, MD/PhD Feb 19 MD PhD

Continue to finish MD at IU school of medicine

bungartb [at]
24 Lu Lan Aug 19 PhD

Research scientist, Boston University

lanl [at]
25 Kai-Chih Huang Dec 19 PhD

Cygnal therapeutics

khuang [at]
26 Pu-Ting Dong Dec 19 PhD

Postdoc, Boston University

dputing [at]

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

# Name Year at Cheng group Current Email Current Position
1 Haifeng Wang 2004-2007 phywh [at] Faculty, National University of Singapore
2 Thuc Le 2006-2010 thuc [at] Faculty, Roseman Univ of Health Sciences, Las Vegas
3 Yuxiang Liu 2011-2012 yliu11 [at] Faculty, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
4 Justin R. Rajian 2012-2013 NA NA
5 Ping Wang 2012-2015 p_wang [at] Professor, Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (WNLO), Huazhong University of Science and Technology
6 Bing Song 2012-2013 bsong1023 [at] Postdoc, Harvard Medical School
7 Mikhail Slipchenko 2008-2012 mslipche [at] Reserch Associate Professor, Purdue University
8 Pu Wang 2014-2016 puwang101 [at] CEO, Vibronix INC
9 Shibin Deng Feb-Dec 2016 deng109 [at] Postdoc in Libai HUANG group
10 Chi Zhang 2014 – 2018 zhangchi [at] Postdoc in Stephen Boppart group @ UIUC
11 Fengyuan Deng 2018 – 2019 maxd [at] Application Engineer, Liquid Instruments
12 Yingchun Cao 2015-2019 Solution Consultant, Dassault Sysyemes

Former Visiting Scholars or Students


# Name in Cheng group Current Email Current Position
1 Shuyi Wang 2006-2007 Wangshuyi2001 [at] Associate Professor, School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
2 Hong-Qin Yang Nov 2011- Nov 2012 hqyang [at] Professor, Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou
3 Wei Wu 2011-2012 wu99 [at] Postdoc, IU School of Medicine
4 Chunrui Hu 2011-2013 chunrhu [at] Postdoc, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
5 Bin Liu Sept 2013-Sept 2015 liu1268 [at] Application & service engineer, Newport Opto-Electronics Technologies (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
6 Xiaochao Qu Sept 2014-Sept 2015 xcqu [at] Associate Professor, Xidian University
7 Yuanqin Xia Sept 2015 xiayuanqin [at] Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology
8 Huaidong Yang Aug 2015 yanghd [at] TsingHua University
9 Fuyou Li Mar-July 2015 fyli [at] Professor, Fudan University
10 Mei Shi Mar 2015- Mar 2016 shimei [at] Associate Professor, Fudan University
11 Hansen Zhao July-Sept 2015 zhaohs12 [at] Undergraduate, TsingHua University
12 Kaiming Liu July-Sept 2015 liukm13 [at] Undergraduate, TsingHua University
13 Yin-Xin Zhang July 2015 – July 2016 yinxin [at] Associate Professor, Tianjin University
14 Jiawen Cui 2016 Summer cui-jw13 [at] Undergraduate, TsingHua University
15 Wei Chen Sept 2015-Sept 2016 chw111 [at] PhD student, USTC
16 Xueli Chen Feb 2015-Feb 2017 xuelichenmig [at] Associate Profesor, Xidian University
17 Hao Wang Feb 2016- Feb 2017 Associate Professor, Fujian Normal University
18 Chunguang Zhang Feb 2016-Feb 2017 Associate Professor, Fujian Normal University
19 Weiqing Xu Jan 2017 State Key Laboratory of Supramolecular Structure and Materials, Jilin University
20 Yiru Peng July 2016-Dec 2016 Professor, Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou
21 Yue Zhong Sept 2016-Sept 2017 Professor, Beijing
22 Frank P Loyd Jan 2017-Sept 2017 flloyd [at] MD at Methodist Hospital
23 Ye-ran Bai (fellowship) Oct 2016 – Oct 2017 byr1213 [at] Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics
24 Lijia Liang (CSC) Nov 2016- Mar 2018 lianglj15 [at] Jilin University
25 Cheng Zong Jan 2017-Dec 2018 czongcz [at] Xiamen University
26 Xiaojie Li (CSC) Sept 2017-Sept 2019 hitwhlxj [at] Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (CIOMP) 
27 Minghua Zhuge Sept 2018-      Dec 2019 cocky_string [at] Zhejiang University
28 Kostas Mavrakis Oct 2019-       Mar 2020 mavrakis [at] University of Crete, Greece