Team Members
9/16/10 Stephen Forrest, Vice President of Research.
Stephen R. Forrest, University of Michigan, Team Leader
(734) 647-1147

Max Shtein
Max Shtein, University of Michigan
(734) 764-4312
Joerg Lahann
Joerg Lahann, University of Michigan
(734) 763-7543
david bishop
David Bishop, Boston University
(617) 353-8899


Atomic calligraphy to be used in program

atomic calligraphy


Organic Vapor Jet Printing (OVJP) concept schematic

OVJP Concept Schematic


Organic Vapor Jet Printing (OVJP) in vacuum and Guard Flow-Organic Vapor Jet Printing (GF-OVJP) in atmosphere.  The guard flow hydrodynamically focuses the jet of the organic vapor that would otherwise have a reduced edge sharpness and patterning resolution due to increased gas density.

OVJP in vacuum and in atmosphere


Precision fiber networks made by direct jet writing using the biodegradable polymer PLGA from the Lahann Lab.  White scale bars (lower right corners or each image) represent 1 mm (a), 500 um (b, e, d), 100 um (c, g) and 50 um (f, h, i)

Precision fiber networks made with direct jet writing


Proposed nested nozzle used in providing a guard flow (or exhaust) channel surrounding the inner nozzle transporting the organic source.

Proposed nested nozzle