Apply Now

for Graduate opportunities at Florida International, Boston University, and University of Michigan

Should you decide that graduate school is an option for you, please email us at and let us know about your interest in CELL-MET. Where applicable, candidates who are interested in CELL-MET research for their graduate program can receive application fee waivers.


We ask that in your personal statement, you include the following statement:

“I am interested in working with the NSF ERC CELL-MET team to utilize nanotechnology and tissue engineering with the ultimate goal of fabricating personalized heart tissue”


At Florida International University, you can find many graduate degree program options, should you decide that graduate school is an option, please be sure to apply prior to the application deadlines. Boston University’s doctoral application process closes on December 15, 2017 and the master’s degree applications are open until March 15th (applications received by Jan 15th have better opportunities for tuition scholarship) and the descriptions of these programs can be found here. At the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, you can explore the engineering programs of interest and deadlines are identified on this page.

We encourage you to explore and apply!