2019 REU Participants



Durdona Gaibova
Miami Dade College
Major: Mathematics
REU Lab: Campbell Lab
Research Project: Comparing mapping outputs of the single cell RNA sequencing data using alignment tools STARsolo and CellRanger


Briana Hackos
University of Colorado Boulder
Major: Mathematics
REU Lab: Bhatnagar Lab
Research Project: An Automated Pipeline for Nitrogen-cycling Gene Abundance Analysis


Blessing Ibe
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Major: Statistics
REU Lab: Sebastiani Lab
Research Project: The Effect of APOE Gene SNPs on Brain Tissue Specific Gene Expression


Nebiyou Kebede
Roxbury Community College
Major: Computer Science
REU Lab: Johnson Lab
Research Project: Assessment of RSubread Using Mock Community Microbiome Data


Aubrey Odom
Brigham Young University
Major: Statistics, Emphasis in Biostatistics
REU Lab: Johnson Lab
Research Project: The TBSignatureProfiler: A Novel R Package for Comparing Tuberculosis Gene Expression Signatures


Nofal Ouardaoui
Tufts University
Major: Biology
REU Lab: Emili Lab
Research Project: The PM Map – A Proteomic and Metabolomic Data Visualization Network

Corinna Pilcher
St. Lawrence University
Major: Biology and Computer Science
REU Lab: Davies Lab
Research Project: Lunar Phase, Hour of the Day, and Seasonal Temperature Drive Symbiont C. goreaui Differential Expression in A. millepora Coral Host


Eric Sinton
Tufts University
Major: Mathematics
REU Lab: Campbell Lab
Research Project: Analyzing Lung Cancer Cell Subtypes with CELDA