The Metropolitan College has specific guidelines defining plagiarism, and you are responsible for abiding by them.  This section provides additional guidance.

The College has serious penalties for plagiarism, including expulsion from the degree program. Please be very careful to cite all references used so that it is very clear which parts of your submissions are your own, and which parts are quoted from someone else.   Simply listing references at the end of your submission is not sufficient.

Here is how to quote from the work of others.  Note the quotation marks

“…. a quote ….” (

It is not enough to only include the reference in a list at the end of the paper.

If it is a rewording, you can say the following.  (Quotes are not appropriate in this case.)

…. a quote ….  (adapted from .

To avoid repeating, you can say

“…. a quote ….” ([Ab]), including the full details on [Ab] in the reference section and at the end of the paper.
e-mail, see or call me if you have any doubts. In any case, clearly acknowledge all sources in the context they are used, including code, of course.