Participate in a Research Study!

“Do you consider yourself “out of shape” and are living an inactive lifestyle with little physical exercise?

The Brain Plasticity and Neuroimaging Lab is currently enrolling healthy men and women, aged 60-80 years, in a research study on exercise and navigation.  The purpose of the research study is to examine the effects of regular physical exercise on cognitive (thinking) and navigational processes and on the function and structure of the brain.  The total duration of the research study is about 4 months.  We will ask you to meet with our team in person for 5 study visits.  In addition, we will ask you to participate in a 3-month exercise training program with 3 weekly exercise sessions.

Exclusion criteria include the following conditions: heart disease or other heart conditions, breathing problems or other lung conditions, difficulty walking, neurological or psychiatric disorders, metal in body, smoking, diabetes.

You can earn up to $275 total for completed study visits and receive trainer-supervised exercise training at no cost to you.

Interested participants may email or call the Brain Plasticity and Neuroimaging Lab at 617-358-2028 for more information.”