Brain Plasticity and Neuroimaging Laboratory

A Functional Neuroanatomy Research Lab

Director: Karin Schon, Ph.D.

IMG_2672From left to right: Alexander Delgado, Corey Kronman, José Romo, Karin Schon, Rachel Nauer, Benjamin Coleman, Matthew Dunne; not shown: Natalia Lopez, Andrew Whiteman

Welcome to the website of the Brain Plasticity and Neuroimaging Laboratory. The Brain Plasticity and Neuroimaging Lab was established in May 2013. The lab’s mission is to understand brain plasticity mechanisms and human memory function from a cognitive neuroscience perspective. Research in the lab focuses on the medial temporal lobe memory system and modifiers of brain function and structure, such as lifestyle factors and aging. Most recently, research in the lab has focused on cardio-respiratory fitness and aerobic exercise on memory function across the lifespan.

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Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Boston University School of Medicine

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