Soirée Recordings

Each file is linked twice – once to a player that should play the piece in your web browser, the second is a link in case you would like to download the file. The links are to the same file in each case.

2015, Franz Liszt, Ballade in b minor:


2014, Antonin Dvorak Slavonic Dances, with Cynthia Bradford

Opus 46 #7 in c minor: Download

Opus 46 #6 in A-flat Major: Download

Opus 46 #8 in g minor: Download

2014, Franz Liszt, Two Transcendental Etudes

Paysage (Countryside): Download

Wilde Jagd (Wild Hunt): Download

2012, Frederic Chopin, Ballade #1 in g minor, opus 23:


2011, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, with Cynthia Bradford

A Song of India: Download

Flight of the Bumble Bee: Download

2011, Frederic Chopin, Ballade in A-flat major, opus 47:


2008, Peter Tchaikovsky (arr. Rachmaninoff) with Cynthia Bradford

Waltz from the ballet “Sleeping Beauty”, Opus 66: Download

2007, Felix Mendelssohn

Gondola Song in A Major:Download

Venetian Boat Song in F# Minor, Opus 30 #6: Download

2005, Paul Desmond with Michael Gully-Santiago

Take Five: Download

2002, Johannes Brahms

Intermezzo in A minor, Opus 116 #2: Download

Capriccio in B minor, Opus 76 #2: Download

2002, Bela Bartok with Ellen McGeehee

6 Romanian Dances:
  • I.   Joc Cu Bata (Dance with Sticks, Allegro moderato)
  • II.  Braul (Waistband Dance, Allegro)
  • III. Pe Loc (Stamping Dance, Andante)
  • IV. Buciumeana (Hornpipe Dance, Molto Moderato)
  • V.  Poarga Romaneasca (Romanian Polka, Allegro)
  • VI. Maruntel (Quick Dance, Allegro)

2001, Carl Maria von Weber

Rondeau Brillant: Invitation to the Dance, Opus 65: Download

2000, Moritz Moszkowski with Cynthia Bradford

Spanish Dance, Opus 12 #2: Download

2000, with Jeffrey Chan

Johannes Brahms, Hungarian Dance #5: Download

Ludwig van Beethoven, Sonata, Opus 24, “Spring”, I. Allegro: Download

1999, Robert Schumann, Blumenstuck, Opus 19:


1997, Carlos Gardel, Por Una Cabeza:


1997, Johann Strauss Jr., Voices of Spring, Opus 410:


All recordings are copyright David Bradford. You may use them freely for any non-commercial application.