Introducing the iLet

We’ve taken a big step towards a marketable Bionic Pancreas – the iLet.

Built-in wireless CGM technology

Using Dexcom CGM technology, the iLet offers its own, built-in, continuous glucose monitor. All that is required is a Dexcom sensor and transmitter and the iLet will replace your regular CGM receiver.

No separate processor, all the smarts are already built-in

No longer do we need a laptop or an iPhone to run our insulin and glucagon dosing algorithms; the iLet brings with it a dedicated platform to run all of our dosing algorithms on a single, handheld device. Since our dosing algorithms adapt to your insulin requirements very quickly, the iLet truly becomes a personalized diabetes management tool that automatically learns your insulin requirements and manages your diabetes, allowing you to focus on other things in your life.

Two pumps in one

The iLet houses two independent pumping systems, one for insulin and one for glucagon. These pumps are automatically commanded by our insulin and glucagon dosing algorithms every 5 minutes.

Streamlined, simple, and friendly user-interface

A 4.3″ touch-screen display brings all the information you need right to your fingertips through an extremely simple and elegant user-interface.

NOTE: The iLet is an investigational device and is not yet FDA approved. Our goal is to conduct human factors studies and begin clinical trials in mid-2016.