Extended depth-of-field microscopy with a high-speed deformable mirror

By Thomas G BifanoAugust 28th, 2017

Paper in Optics Letters:

We present a wide-field fluorescence microscopy add-on that provides a fast, light-efficient extended depth-of-field (EDOF) using a deformable mirror with an update rate of 20 kHz. Out-of-focus contributions in the raw EDOF images are suppressed with a deconvolution algorithm derived directly from the microscope 3D optical transfer function. Demonstrations of the benefits of EDOF microscopy are shown with GCaMP-labeled mouse brain tissue.

Download here

Summer design project: Keep EpiPens cool

By Thomas G BifanoAugust 28th, 2017

EpiPens need to be kept within narrow temperature limits. They cannot be refrigerated, nor are they allowed to exceed 86°F. This summer we developed a low-cost, do-it-yourself solution for keeping EpiPens cool on summer outings. A short YouTube video highlights the results.

Will Shain presents two papers at OSA COSI Conference

By Thomas G BifanoJune 29th, 2017

Matched-Filter Compressive Imaging using a Deformable Mirror for Label-Free Flow Cytometry
William Shain, Bennett Goldberg, Thomas Bifano, and Jerome Mertz
Abstract: We distinguish geometric cell structures using a deformable mirror for high-throughput, label-free flow cytometry, overcoming approaches that can result in undesirable chemical modifications or low throughput. Extended abstract

Novel Deconvolution Kernel for Extended Depth-of-Field Microscopy with a High-Speed Deformable Mirror
William Shain, Nicholas Vickers, Bennett Goldberg, Thomas Bifano, and Jerome Mertz
Abstract: A deformable mirror is used to scan the focal plane during the camera exposure, obtaining extended depth-of-field. A deconvolution kernel is approximated for a given scan depth and used to de-blur the image. Extended abstract

Photonics Center Launches New Neurophotonics NRT led by Professor Thomas Bifano

By Beth MathisenJune 22nd, 2017

The Photonics Center was awarded a NSF National Research Traineeship (NRT) by the National Science Foundation.  The NRT: Understanding the Brain: Neurophotonics, is led by Professor Thomas Bifano.  This is a university-wide community of doctoral students in biology, neuroscience, biophysics, biomedical, and mechanical engineering with focused professional development and graduate training in neurophotonics.  Learn more about the program.