Research Workshops

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2021 Temperate Coral Research Workshop

Roger Williams University

Bristol, RI



The Temperate Coral Research Workshop is held every year, and it is the primary meeting covering current research efforts on the temperate coral genera Astrangia and Oculina, with a strong focus on the physiology, ecology, genetics, and symbiosis in temperate corals using a variety of approaches, including fieldwork and ‘omics-based methods. The aims of the workshop are to provide a platform to increase our knowledge and interest about temperate corals, to enhance research and scientific communication efforts around these unique organisms, and to develop collaborations and partnerships across institutions and disciplines.

The workshops  include research sessions aimed at sharing the latest results and identifying critical areas for upcoming research. The workshops also include sessions for developing material for education, outreach, and media/scientific communication about Astrangia and, more broadly, coral and coral reef health in the face of climate change. We welcome educators and media professionals to participate and present in those targeted sessions.