The Astrangia Research Working Group


Temperate Corals as Model Systems

Along with collaborators from over fifteen institutions around the United States, the Astrangia Research Working Group is a growing network of researchers who are actively engaged in research on temperate corals, including Astrangia poculata, and working toward the common goal of establishing temperate corals as model systems for investigating the physiology, ecology, genetics, and symbiosis involved in coral response to environmental change. Together, this network has ongoing productive research collaborations and is working to develop to materials for education, outreach, and media efforts so that we may deepen our understanding of coral health and resilience in the face of global climate change.

The fourth annual workshop for Astrangia research was held in Summer 2019 on the Roger Williams University campus in Bristol, RI.  These workshops are funded by generous support from Roger Williams University. The Astrangia Research Working Group is coordinated by Koty Sharp, Randi Rotjan, and Sean Grace. Stay tuned for information about the 2021 Workshop!



Meet the Astrangia Workshop Co-organizers:



Dr. Koty Sharp is an Associate Professor in Biology & Marine Biology at Roger Williams University. Her research team studies the microbial ecology and chemical ecology of marine invertebrates, especially A. poculata.

Dr. Randi Rotjan is a Research Assistant Professor of Biology at Boston University. Her research is centered on temperate and tropical corals as systems for studying symbiosis ecology and global change.

Dr. Sean Grace is Chairperson and Associate Professor of Biology at Southern Connecticut State University and the Co-Director for the Werth Center for Coastal and Marine Studies. His research lab focuses on the ecology of near-shore shallow-water marine invertebrate communities in coastal southern New England.


Interested in learning more, joining the working group, or attending the workshop? Please contact Koty Sharp for more information.