2007 Conference

The 2nd Annual International Conference in American History,

Cambridge 2007

American Politics in the 1970s

Several papers from the second conference have been published as a forum in the Journal Of Contemporary History Vol. 43, No. 4 ( Oct. 2008)

Thursday 8th March

9:00 Tony Badger – Opening Remarks

Kevin Yuill – Sunderland University

Richard Nixon: Father of Identity Politics

Gareth Davies – Oxford University

Towards Big Government Conservatism: Conservatives & Federal Aid to Education, 1965-1984

10:30 Break


Robert Freedman – Cambridge University

Vanguard of the Conservative Revolution – the New Right in the 1970s

Kimberley Phillips Fein – New York University

Social Conservatives and the Free Market in the 1970s: Jesse Helms, Conservative Digest and the American Conservative Union

12:30 Lunch


Meg Jacobs – MIT

The Energy Crisis of the 1970s

Will Crafton – Cambridge University

Carter and Welfare Reform

Iwan Morgan – London University

Confronting the Deficit: Jimmy Carter’s Quest for a Balanced Budget

4:00 Break

4:30 Senator John Culver

Friday 9th March


Stephen Tuck – Oxford University

The Civil Rights Movement in the 1970s

Simon Hall – Leeds University

Social Protest Movements in the 1970s: the Long 1960s

10:30 Break


Robert Mason – Edinburgh University

“There’s a realignment going on”: Richard Nixon and the Mid-Term Campaigns of 1970

Tony Badger – Cambridge University

The Southern Strategy in 1970: The Defeat of Albert Gore

12:30 Lunch


Julian Zelizer – Boston University

Seizing the Center: National Security & American Conservatism in the 1970s

Tim Stanley – Cambridge University

“Sailing against the Wind”: Edward Kennedy’s 1980 campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination and the condition of Liberalism at the end of the 1970s

3:30 Break


Bruce Schulman – Boston University – Chair

Josh Zeitz – Cambridge University

Writing about the 1970s

Dominic Sandbrook – Rothermere American Institute, Oxford

Writing about the 1970s

5:30 End